Venetian Trifaccia Mask


This trifaccia or three-faced mask is perfect for when you want to disguise your feelings because it portrays them all! Happiness, through anger to sadness.

Each face is painted with bright blue and red clown markings in acrylics.

It has a crackle effect finish which has been aged with a bitumen patina.

It has ribbons for wearing that are also suitable for hanging.

Proceeds from this mask will be donated to the only professional theatre company based in the Highlands of Scotland, an area that is often overlooked when it comes to the arts. Please read the description below for more information and a link to learn more about the beneficiary of the proceeds.

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A three faced mask or trifaccia theatre mask made of papier mache and painted with clown markings. With ribbons for wearing or hanging.

Designed to be worn in the Theatre or at Carnival, in Fancy Dress or at Mardi Gras. This is a mask full of character…or a full face of characters! When it isn’t being worn it can be hung on the wall as a bespoke piece of original art for the theatre lover.

The teeth you can see are not part of the mask but belong to the skull modelling the mask!

All proceeds from this mask will be donated to Bright Productions, a  Theatre Events, Education and Entertainments Company based in the Scottish Highlands. The Highlands only professional theatre production company.



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