Tassel Jester Mask: Hudson


Court jester masquerade mask with a patchwork fools cap, feature tassels and onyx gemstones.

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A Jester Mask, or Jolly or Joker, this funny guy has a quilted jester hat with sumptuous tassels dangling from each tip. Named after Jeffrey Hudson, the Court Jester to King Charles I, this guy is sure to have you smiling when you see his jolly face.

His face is decorated with a floral design to mimic his floral cap which has a magnificent central gemstone feature with two carefully selected onyx stones.

He may not have been the King’s first choice as Court Jester but he’s no pretender to the title, he did earn the position when his predecessor Armstrong got the boot for being just a little too insulting. Not everyone loves humour that crosses the line, and Hudson does not, they do however make an intriguing pair.

This mask has two velvet ribbons for wearing and a ribbon loop for wall hanging and with his wry wit and jolly demeanor he’s sure to be an interesting asset to any home.


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