Sold: Jingle Jester Mask – Armstrong

A Court Jester Mask for wearing or display featuring jingle bells on his Fool’s Cap.

This mask has now SOLD but his adversary Tassel Jester Hudson is currently still available.



Named after the infamous court jester to King James VI of Scotland, this Jester Mask features jingle bells on the ends of his ‘fool’s hat’ giving it the true term of a Jester’s ‘Cap n’ bells’.

His hat is decorated and braided in hues of red and gold fabric in a nod to his Royal Appointment.

His old but much loved crackled face is painted with hopeful, shabby chic hearts and he wears a mask of gold leaf.

He’s a dandy fellow and has black velvet ribbons on each side for wearing should you be inclined to re-enact the court antics of the Court Jester to King James VI of Scotland. He also sports a ribbon loop for hanging, should you just want to be reminded that life needs humour but not want to act the fool yourself.

Armstrong has an adversary in Hudson (Tassel Jester) who took over his job as jester to the King but the younger Hudson has nothing but respect for Armstrong, who is widely considered the Jester Extraordinaire, fool of legends!

There is only one Archibald Armstrong and once he finds a new home there won’t be another.

We wouldn’t say Armstrong and Hudson are inseparable but they do make good sparring partners.


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