Sold: The Ace of Spades

Steampunk Volto (full face) mask with asymmetrical tips on an Ace of Spades Playing Card background.

Wearable and easy to hang in his own frame.

This complete artwork measures 570mm x 770mm x 150mm

Signed by the Artist and sold with Certificate of Authenticity.


A full face Volto maskĀ  with steampunk tendencies and asymmetrical jester tips.

2366 is a Venetian mask inspired by Locutus of Borg from cult TV show Star Trek TNG and forms the basis of ourĀ  Ace of Spades in the 2019 RMS House of Cards Art Collection.

This mask is a mix of styles combining Venetian Masquerade with steampunk and cyborg.

He is named after the year Captain Jean Luc Picard became assimilated by the Borg.

This is one of Lorraine’s first masks to be started but took the longest to realise as he was only part assimilated for a long time until he realised his resistance to full assimilation was futile and he was able to be completed, and also when he realised that he was to become the iconic Ace of Spades card.

2366 is a large face mask with a silk ribbon loop for hanging and black ribbons should you want to wear him and show him to the world. When not being worn he can be hung and displayed in his ‘Playing Card’ frame.

The Ace of Spades Frame Mount is aged like an old long forgotten pack of cards and has a craquelure effect scattered with broken and discarded cogs and gears. The frame itself is painted black wood.

This artwork measures 770mm x 570mm x 150mm



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Weight 2.555 kg
Dimensions 770 × 570 × 150 mm


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