Sold: The Ace of Clubs

The Ace of Night Clubs original hanging wall art.

Perfect for a games room or party room.

A 3d artwork depicting the Ace of (Night) Clubs with detachable wearable Mirror Man Disco Ball Masquerade Mask.

Overall Dimensions: 770mm x 570mm x 145mm




A wearable full face (volto) mask decorated with mosaic mirror tiles to reflect the disco diva that he is and framed to portray the Ace of (Night) Clubs.

This mask is made using traditional Venetian mask making techniques and adorned with little mirror tiles which transform his face into a disco mirror ball that, given the right lighting conditions can turn your living-room or perhaps your games or poker room into a party room in an instant.

Given his partying ways, Mirror Man is framed with an aged playing card and what better card to turn over when the party gets started than the Ace of Clubs … or night clubs. The frame background has a shattered, scattered mirror ball effect inside and outside its perspex cover, the frame is painted black wood.

Mirror Man has a loop for hanging on his playing card frame, and ribbons should you decide to wear him and be the Mirror Man yourself.

The mirror tiles are made of glass and as such lend a weight to the mask.

Mask weight 458g

This complete artwork measures 770mm x 570mm x 145mm

The mask measures 245mm x 165mm x 120mm




Additional information

Weight 3.735 kg
Dimensions 770 × 570 × 145 mm


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