Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Mask – Lilybet

A mask I made to commemorate  HRH the Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee in June 2022.

Made of papier mache, it features the Union flag in the colours of the jubilee – platinum & purple.

Pearl nacre relief scrolls complete the design.

It has ribbons for wearing and a ribbon loop for hanging.

Please read the description below…


I originally called this mask ‘Platty Joobs’, as it was the term in wide circulation at the time of the occasion but out of respect for a most admirable lady who has been omnipresent throughout all of our lives I have affectionately renamed her ‘Lilybet’  – a change of which I’m sure another most admirable lady, my own late mother would approve.

Each year around the time of my mother’s birthday I do a little something in her stead, so when sold the full proceeds of this mask will be donated to Age Scotland.

Age Scotland is a charity which supports elderly communities in Scotland, the country where the late monarch chose to spend her remaining days.

Age Scotland strive to tackle the loneliness and social isolation so many of our older generation feel today, those who grew up with and saw the Queen as a huge inspiration.  It is a small gesture on my part but one I believe my own mother would appreciate and I do this for her.


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