Japanese Moriage Mask – Dragonware


A papier mache mask inspired by a Japanese tea set known as moriage dragonware.

The mask has blue silk ribbons for wearing but also a ribbon loop for hanging in your favourite place.

Please read the description below for more information on the style it depicts.

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Moriage dragonware is a style of pottery depicting…you guessed it – dragons, with raised tendrils and scales which i have recreated on this mask using relief pastes as opposed to the trail slip which would generally be seen on the actual pottery pieces themselves.

This is a tea set I was always fascinated with, as in the base of each of the teacups is a lithophane image of a geisha girl which when held up to the light a ‘photograph’ of her is seen. Whilst I haven’t quite worked out how to recreate that particular element of the design I have lovingly drawn the dragon in relief on the face of this mask.

It has then been crackle glazed with a white patina and given a wax polish to seal the work.

Called simply ‘Dragonware’ this mask is a one-of-a-kind piece which can be worn or displayed on a wall…it is considerably harder wearing than the ‘china’ it represents and with care should last for generations.

Dragonware comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity.



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