Sold: Joker Mask – Jingles

Jingles the Joker Mask is an original hand crafted mask made using traditional Venetian mask making techniques with carta lana (wool paper) to form a papier mache base onto which his individual cheeky personality is constructed.

He is named from the musical score on his chin and gold coloured tin jingle bells on his tips secured in place with Swarovski pearls and will fit an adult face with comfort and also make a striking home decoration owing to his unique character.

Jingles is now sold but he does have relatives from the Jingles family who may be happy to be commissioned.

Just use the contact form to submit your request.


Jingles is a sly joker mask with dreams of being a festive jolly maker owing to his holly but has the personality to be a year round player when it comes to home decor or facial adornment.

His tips are made with a red and green checked Harris Tweed made on the Isle of Lewis by the L’il Shop of Harris Tweed so he has a distinct Scottish heritage as denoted by his genuine Harris Tweed label on his lapel.

Painted with professional quality acrylic paints, aged with a craquelure effect and sealed with a bitumen wax he will remain a constant companion in your home for many years and will only jingle when you want him to.

He has satin ribbons for wearing and a satin ribbon loop to hang him in pride of place in your home, whether that be to welcome visitors in your hallway or to keep you company in any room you care to place him.

Jingles comes supplied with his own certificate of authenticity and serial number.

There is only one ‘Jingles’ available but now he is gone he can be replicated with minor differences as hand made items often have. He can also be custom made to your own requirements.



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