Made to Order Feather Mask – The Ice Maiden


A full face (volto) mask representing the Ice Maiden.

Inspired by the six-strong women team that crossed Antarctica in 2018.

Team work makes the dream work.

Gold leaf, Ostrich feathers and Swarovski pearls represent loyalty, snow and ice portraying the beauty and strength of these 6 women.

The Ice Maiden can be worn or hung on a wall to empower and remind us that we can do anything we set our minds on.


This original mask is now being exhibited in Venice.

However, you can request a similar mask be made to order. There are three of this limited edition design still available. We simply ask that you speak to us via the Contact Form to discuss its design and lead time before ordering.

Available on back-order


Our Ice Maiden is a beautiful full face (volto) mask who wears a white Ostrich feather headdress and sports her very own gold leaf columbine (half face) mask.

Equally at home on a boudoir wall or worn to a masquerade ball or indeed a masquerade wedding, this lady is the epitome of elegance, intrigue and bravery. In fact wear her with pride wherever you like, we make no judgement, ever.

Made in the traditional Venetian style she is a beauty to behold, lace trimmings and Swarovski crystals juxtapose her fierce warrior side.

Inspired by the Ice Maiden all-women team to cross the Antarctic in 2018 this mask represents the ability to overcome the adversity & challenges womankind face daily and acknowledges the strength and tenacity to succeed no matter the obstacles before us. It is fierce and beautiful all at once.

The pearls on our Ice Maiden represent Major Nat Taylor’s words upon her two months in the absolute wilderness “The snow sparkles like there is a layer of pearls on the surface and everywhere you look there is beauty and stillness”

In creating this mask I hope to have encapsulated the ladies wishes…to have “paused time and encapsulated their moment” in the best way I can.

My Ice Maiden masks pale in comparison to the achievement of these women but they represent the beauty and strength of woman and in creating six of them, the team work that made it possible.


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