Harris Tweed Clown Mask – MacSweeney


It is deemed that no-one knows more of affairs of the heart than Pierrot, the lovelorn hero of the commedia dell ‘arte and it is he who inspires our Scottish Mask who bears the name MacSweeney.

MacSweeney is a simple Pierrot mask, as are the Queen & King in this series and yet he has been given a regal Scottish nobility in his name as one of the first Gallowglasses in Scottish history reflecting  his warrior status with Stewart tartan hair curls. His cap is tartan and harris tweed. Red bells on the ends of his tips represent his love for his King and Queen and loyalty to them both. He sports a lace and gold trimmed collar. The tears of this clown are that of loyalty.

This mask is available to buy now as he is but should you require him to have a home of his own to hang within a frame you can buy him as the Jack or Knave of Hearts here

MacSweeney is sold with a certificate of authenticity.


Meet MacSweeney, an original one-of-a-kind Harris Tweed tipped moustachioed Pierrot Mask suitable to wear and display. Made with carta lana papier mache using the traditional mask making technique favoured by Venetian artisans with 2 red hearts peeking out from beneath his Harris Tweed, playing card knave of hearts style fool’s cap. He has red tin bells jingling away at the end of his tips with a lace ruffle neckline.

MacSweeney has satin ribbons for tying comfortably around the head for wearing and a ribbon loop to hang him in a place of pride.


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