Hammer Horror Mask – Sister Hyde


A one-of-a-kind hauntingly beautiful Victorian style mask inspired by Hammer Horror’s Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde.

This lady is my fantasy mask interpretation of Sister Hyde or Orrore del Martello: Sorella Hyde.

She is a wearable papier mache mask with a ‘sinister-walk-through-the-streets-of-London-at-night’ vibe.

She of course has ribbons for you to wear as you become the sister of Dr Jekyll whenever you wish or just to hang in your favourite place of entrancement or secret laboratory.

Read more on how she came to be below…


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As with most of my masks I am inspired by the multitude of creativity in its many forms that I grew up with, and Hammer Horror movies were one such source with Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde being a movie that has stuck with me from my childhood when I used to sneak back into the living room to watch the Hammer Horror double bill on a Saturday evening – behind a cushion of course!

I didn’t know this mask was heading towards one of my all time favourite cult horror characters until I made her hat, but there she was right in front of me and i couldn’t have been happier.

Very close to keeping her in my own collection but she deserves to be out there, because who knows how long her transformational tincture will last before her boring but genius brother reappears!

If you are equally transfixed by her she’s sure to cause a stir at a masquerade ball or fancy dress party, just don’t stay out too late…

It goes without saying that she is purely fantastical and in no way provides a disguise to re-enact her dastardly ways.


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