Fortune Teller Mask: Sibyl


This gypsy fortune teller mask goes by the name Sibyl and it is said she can predict the future, well I’m not sure about that but she does have eyelashes to die for.

Hand painted Papier mache mask with a funky blue crushed velvet headscarf adorned with chains and charms and laser-cut medallions, gold fringe tassels and a leather thong tie with goldstone heart.


In stock


Sibyl may not be able to predict your future but she does guarantee to look sensational and become a talking point when you hang her in your home or if you wear her to a masquerade event you’re sure to turn heads.

Sold with a RaineMaker Studio numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

If you have any questions about Sibyl, or any other masks in the studio please get in touch.


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