Feather Nasone Mask – Assisi


A papier mache nasone (long nose) mask painted with gold, copper and bronze acrylic paints and crowned with layers of red, brown and blue rooster feathers.

Assisi is finished with a craquelure glaze and a wax polish.

This mask can  be hung on the wall with his ribbon loop and/or worn with his tying ribbons.

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Sometimes you just have to be quiet and let the birds do the talking.

Not sure if St Francis of Assisi ever said that that while preaching to the birds but I’m sure he must’ve thought it from time to time. And so this mask is named after him.

Featuring an abundance of ethically sourced rooster feathers this luxurious mask is sure to be admired, whether worn to a masquerade ball or hung on the wall as a statement piece of art.



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