Feather Mask – Man Bird


A most unique Long nose (nasone) mask with rooster & half moon peacock feathers surrounding his own crackle glazed scroll relief half mask.

To wear, Birdman is secured by an elastic fastening so he is sure to fit anyone who cares to assume his quirky persona.

To hang on a wall he has a ribbon loop.

Currently available at a rare price from the studio.


In stock


Manbird is  an unusual half-mask, long nose feathered creature with a unique feathered beak who wears his own crackle-glazed nacre & gold relief scroll eye mask.

He looks great worn as a mask, can be flipped up to become a funky feathered visor or hung on a wall to be the weirdest piece of art your home may see. Either way, he’s sure to be talked about, and he just loves being talked about!

Manbird was one of the first masks I created and he has recently undergone a rejuvenation with extra detailing which I felt he needed to make him feel comfortable to join his peers on the website.

His currently reduced price is a rare opportunity to own a unique mask from the studio.


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