Disco Mirror Mask – Disco Lizard


Full face papier mache mask with painted faux cloisonne, mirrored mosaic tiles, silver relief scrolls and lizard-esque craquelure glaze

It sports green satin ribbons for wearing and ribbon loop to hang once the party’s over and you finally get some sleep.

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Ever been to a lizard disco? When you party too hard and too long, and sleep, ah sleep – it’s in the post but you’ve got the lizard disco to attend first?  Well, that’s the experience and inspiration behind this mask – an homage to misspent youth and lost weekends, and aptly named the Disco Lizard!

So, if you’re going to a party and there’s no glitter ball? This mask is your answer.  It’s basically the coolest disco mask to wear to a club, get up onto the dancefloor and BE the glitter belle of the ball.

Disco Lizard is primarily made of paper so caution is recommended should the dancefloor get too hot and steamy!

Sold with Certificate of Authenticity.



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