Made to Order: Blue Willow Pattern Mask


Made to Order Papier Mache Mask hand painted with the Blue Willow Pattern.

Finished with a crackle glaze, bitumen patina and wax seal.

This mask has ribbons for wearing and a ribbon loop to hang on the wall.

Dimensions: 230mm x 155mm x 95mm.

Please see below for further information.

This original mask has now sold but can be recreated. Please allow 8-12 weeks for a made to order mask. Upon ordering I will personally be in touch to confirm order and dispatch date.

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I’ve long since wanted to create a series of ‘porcelain/china’ masks and started with recreating my favourite, the Blue Willow Pattern.

I grew up with these plates and still have a few of them which i use to this day.

It was a challenge to recreate on a 3 dimensional form and I first drew the image onto the mask in pencil then started painting it in. I’m really pleased with how it turned out and adding the crackle glaze always adds an element of suspense as to whether it will work or provide yet another challenge, as it did with another of my ‘Porcelain’ masks.

So, here we now have a papier mache mask with acrylic hand painted Willow Pattern, finished with a crackle glaze and bitumen patina sealed with carnauba wax to replicate age-old porcelain.

As with most of my masks this one can be worn if you want to go to carnival, masquerade or fancy dress as a piece of iconic china or hung on a wall-possibly in your kitchen as a reminder of the china you maybe grew up with or possibly wish you had.

Sold with serial-numbered RaineMaker Studio Certificate of Authenticity.

Please note:

The original mask with this design has now sold but a similar one can be made to order. Once an order is received we will email you to make certain you are aware this will not be an immediate dispatch and to confirm the timescale for the mask to be created and finished before being dispatched. This time scale can vary depending on the number of commissions and artworks currently on the workbench.

Currently please allow a minimum of 8-12 weeks for a made-to-order mask to be completed before dispatch.

Additional information

Dimensions 230 × 155 × 95 mm


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